In the Voiplid Network UC service,  email addresses are the users’ logins. The email given when creating a company account will become the admin user.

The admin has access to additional functions which are grouped under the Settings menu.

During the sign up you need to enter the total number of users. The number includes the admin account and accounts for your colleagues.  This limit can be changed later from the Settings/Account menu.

In order to verify your email address the system will send you an email with an activation link. Click on it to activate the account and be redirected to the portal.

When you log in for the first time as the admin account your first task should be to create accounts for your colleagues.  To do so enough is to put their email addresses in the form on the initial screen. The platform will send them welcome emails with login details.

Remember that the Voiplid is best when used both on the web and on mobile, therefore you should also add phone numbers when creating new users. The platform will send them SMS with link to download the app and the provisioning code. When the app is launched first time it asks for the code. On android it will read the code automatically from the SMS.


Adding phone numbers in this stage is optional. Each user can add his phone number himself after logging in to the portal and then to the My profile section.