Channels are collaboration tools. They group people that work together on a given project – channel members.

A channel member can be:

  • Company user

  • Guest user - person invited by email (non-company guest user)

Members are selected when creating a new channel or can be added to an existing channel.

To create a new channel, click on the plus icon in the channel list view.

To add new members to existing channel click on the plus member icon located above the members column in the channel main view. This icon is visible only by the channel’s admins.

An admin is by default the user who has created the channel. One channel can have multiple admins. One admin can grant admin role to another member.

Admins can add and remove members.

All channels are permanent. They exist until there is at least one member.

Members can leave channel by clicking on the leave button in the channel info panel.

When an admin leaves a channel and there are no other admin members the system automatically assign admin role to the first member from the list.

Channels support all the chat functions available in one to one chat.