Audio conference

Each user can connect to channel’s audio bridge. To do so click on the call icon on the top bar. Users connected with audio are shown on the member list with a speaker icon next to their profile picture.

When a member connects to audio bridge a notification is shown in the channel conversation panel.

When you connect to audio bridge before other members the system will automatically make calls to other members.

If there are already other members connected you will see Join ongoing call button on the top bar.

While in a conference you can add other members or offnet phone numbers to the call by clicking the plus icon on the top bar. You can add other members of the channel as well as other company users which are not members of the channel. When you add a phone number the system will call the number and connect to the conference. Such a number will be shown in the list as guest member.

If you open a chat with another user while in the conference there will be a button Add to call on the top bar which lets you add the user to the ongoing conference.