Find me and Do Not Disturb

The find me feature allows users to configure actions on unanswered incoming calls. The actions are:

  • Divert to voicemail

  • Forward to another number or company user

  • Fax box

Different actions can be defined for different caller IDs.

To configure Find me rules go to My profile menu and click Find me buton.

Click the Add button and fill the fields in the Rule panel:

From – defines the caller ID for which the rule will be triggered. Leave blank if you want the rule to work for all callers. The caller ID can be entered manually, for example for the external numbers, or be selected from the company directory.


Priority – rules with the same From value have to have different priorities. 0 denotes the highest priority. For example, if the highest priority rule triggers the call forward action and the call fails, the next rule, with lower priority, is processed.

Response – defines the action associated with the rule. Can be voicemail or call forwarding.

To - if the selected action is Forward to, enter here the phone number to which the call will be sent. If voicemail is chosen, the To field lets you select the voicemail’s welcome greeting. This setting overrides you default voicemail greeting set in the My profile. Thus, you can set personalized greetings for different callers.

DND – Do Not Disturb. When enabled, the rule will be triggered the moment the call arrives, without trying to connect to the user. For example, if you check the DND checkbox for the voicemail rule, with the From set to any, the system will be sending all the incoming calls straight to voice mailbox, without ringing on your side.

Note: the platform supports PUSH notification services for mobile clients. When you close the app still the system will try to send PUSH notification first and only after timeout (30 sec) it will proceed with the Find me rules.