Autoattendants – receptionist

Autoattendant is an IVR scenario that assists callers and lets them connect to an appropriate person.

A company can have multiple auto attendant scenarios. They can be created and managed from Settings\Auto attendant menu.

A scenario has following properties:

  • Name – a description of the scenario

  • Welcome greeting – optional, a greeting played when a caller connects to the scenario

  • Assign phone number – optional, lets you hook a number or numbers to the scenario, when called the autoattendant will answer and proceed with the scenario. A scenario can also be a menu option and in that case, it does not need a phone number.

  • Direct extension dialing – lets callers dial an extension number within the PBX

  • Menu numbers – lets a caller press a number associated with an action, for example press 1 to connect to sales, press 2 to connect to support

  • Non-activity timeout – how long the IVR will wait for caller to dial a menu number of extension; when elapsed the on timeout action is triggered.

  • Invalid input – when a caller dials a number that does not match any of the menu numbers nor the extension numbers (if extension dialing is allowed)

  • On timeout or invalid input action:

    • play greeting – choose a greeting to be played, if you choose to repeat scenario again you can play for example “No number was chosen, press 1 to connect…”

    • repeat scenario – define how many times the scenario can be processed, when this number is reached the scenario moves to the ending action

  • Ending action:

    • play greeting

    • and :

      • disconnect

      • dial menu number – you can choose which menu number will be dialed. For example, you may want the caller to be connected with default operator if no menu number pressed.