Menu numbers

Menu numbers are mapped with actions. Menu numbers can be in any order e.g.:

1 to connect with Sales hunt group

2 to connect with support receptionist

30 to connect to external number

0 to connect with an operator (user)


 Menu numbers can trigger following actions:

-          another auto attendant scenario

-          call a user

-          call an external number

-          connect to a fax box

-          connect to user voicemail

-          connect to group voicemail

-          call a hunt group


If a caller pressed a number that does not match any of the menu numbers:

a)   If the option “allow extensions dialing” is enabled the system will check if the dialed number is an extension and will try to connect. If there is no extension, the “invalid input” action will be triggered

b)  “On invalid input” action will be triggered