Important Terms for the Tutorial:

1- Username (the account number assigned by Voiplid)

2- Secret (the Pin Number set for your account)

First, we will download free softphone software, X-Lite.


Then, under Ready to Download X-Lite?, click on the download

link that is appropriate for your computer.

-Then follow the setup sequence provided in the installer.

-Then, you will be presented with a prompt stating your account is not enabled. 

-Click on Account Settings.

-You will then be presented with the SIP account page. You can

-always access this page, by going under Softphone and clicking on Account Settings.

On this page, we will be dealing with the following fields:  

Account Name: The name you would like to assign for this settings layout. 

User ID: The number you would like to appear as caller ID for this account. 


Password: The password (or secret) that you have assigned to your Voiplid account. 

Authorization name: The account number that was assigned to you by Voiplid. 

For the purpose of this tutorial, we have used:

Account Name: Voiplid or whatever you want.

User ID: 12125647785


Password: (Enter your pin number here)

Authorization name: (Enter your account number here)

Final Step:

Then, click on the Topology tab, and under the Firewall Traversal tab, check that the Auto-detect firewall traversal option is selected.
Then, click OK.

Now, you will be able to use X-Lite as a fully functional phone line for your account.

If you have questions please feel free to contact our supports team.