Calling Cards are used to pay getting the VoIP services. Your customers may use one-time calling cards or refillable calling cards. One-time calling card is a small plastic card with the PIN code information on it. Usually, calling cards can be obtained from the market or shop. There is a protected area on the calling card, by cleaning which your customers will get a PIN code. Dialing the access number printed on the calling card, the customer will be connected to the provider’s IVR. A welcome message will be played to the caller and an option to choose a language will be provided. For an additional fee, the provider may support additional languages.

By selecting the language, customers will be invited to insert the PIN number they have on their calling card. Depending on the value of the calling card, certain amount of money will be registered on your customer’s balance. Customers will then be requested to dial the destination number. Depending on the dialed destination and the cost of the call for that destination, the balance may be spent correspondingly. For cheap calls customers will get more minutes with their calling card. Expensive calls will take more balance and customers will get less minutes to speak.


Please note that your customers may want to spend single calling card balance for multiple calls as long as there is enough balance to place a call. When there is no enough balance available on the calling card, customers will not be eligible to place a new call, or in case of active call, the call will be disconnected after a short notification. However, there are also refillable calling cards exist. For that type of cards, customers may refill their account to get more balance on the calling card again.


If your customers use your services frequently and if they use the same phone number to make VoIP calls, they may want to register their calling cards and their CallerIDs with you so they will not be prompted for the PIN code every time they dial the provider’s access number. Instead they will pass an automatic authentication by the CallerID of the phone they use.