You can choose a dialing plan when provisioning the account through our Partner Resource
Center Web site. 

If you choose the "Universal" dial plan in the Partner Resource Center, you can then dial in
the following formats:
Country Code+ Phone Number
011+Country Code+ Phone Number
00+ Country Code + Phone Number.

US dialing plans are setup in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) format of 1 + area
code + 7 digit number (for US calls) and 011 + country code + number (for non-US calls). The
1 prefix should be used on all US calls. The 011 prefix should be used on all non-US calls.
For more information on the NANP, please visit

If you choose to setup a non-US dialing plan, you will first have to configure your service
account on our Partner Resource Center Web site with the specific dialing plan of your
choice. Then you would dial exactly the same way you typically dial from within the country,
with local calls being dialed in the way you normally dial local calls in country.